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Casa Pausa Lisboa Information and contactHere we are also happy to give you information about the accessibility of Casa Pausa.

We are easily accessible by public transport. See below for the information of the bus company. Casa Pausa is 35 minutes from Lisbon Airport. From the airport/car rental company follow the signs to the highway. Take the IP7 and A2 to the N10/N378 in Arrentela. Take the exit N378/N10 from the A2.Follow the N378 to the R. Aquilino Ribeiro.

If you take the bus you are easy in less than 10 minutes on the beach of Sesimbra, en. Praia de California.If you go the other way you can go to Lisbon.

About TST

TST is the public transport company of buses.

When we stay in Portugal, we usually use their app to see, for example, when the bus arrives, at what distance it is or what bus number we can take.

This app is therefore very user-friendly to check the hours of the bus.

You can simply download it from the Iphone or an Android device.

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Casa Pausa | Rua Aquilino Ribeiro 77 | Sesimbra |

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