Food & Beverage

If you like food and beverage than Portugal might be the place to be for you.


Portugal is known for its meals between 12.30 pm and 14.00 the so-called Prato do Dia. You can then eat more than decent for a small amount. A meal usually consists of a soup, main course, dessert, coffee and drinks with the meal. As a main course you can often choose between meat, fish and chicken. Drinking is water, wine, beer and soda.


If you are a wine lover or connoisseur, this region will also appeal to you. Some well-known winemakers are Malo Tojo Estates and Bacalhôa Vinhos de Portugal. Both located in Azeitão.

More wineries in the area


Often after the end of the weekly market near the market there is also joint chicken food. At long tables, the locals eat a chicken meal together. A meal consisting of chicken, lettuce and fries. The main drink is wine! For a few euros you have eaten and met the local population. For many people this is the place where people make contacts and make appointments. Find a guide: go to the market and eat chicken with the locals. If you want to know more about the area: ask the locals.