Our story

The “I” of I’m leaving.

October, Belgium… Once again, the government is coming up with new measures. Hopefully we can go to Portugal by the end of November. In the FB group Beautiful Portugal, opinions are at least divided between “stay in your room” –> don’t bring in this country a virus and “I need to get away” –> get back and travel.

Whatever the opinions are… When you have 2 toddlers and have to choose between spending a quarantine at your apartment or in your holiday home, the choice is made quickly. The choice was made in such a way that during the previous quarantine we decided to move for good. During 2 full months not only we, but also our girls enjoyed all the peace, beautiful beach walks, nice tropical meals and sunny evenings. Without too many heat waves that were present in Belgium, at all in our apartment.

This blog is therefore a monthly report of how we live towards this moment, until we leave. The good and the bad. Why we made this decision. How everything works, in Belgium and Portugal. How we, our children, the school, friends and family deal with this and you name it… We like it and look forward to looking back at this later.

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